Have you ever wondered if there's a blueprint for understanding your true self, purpose, and unique potential in life?"
The depth of change this wisdom has brought into my life ignites my enthusiasm to impart it, and I eagerly anticipate embarking on another enriching journey together."

The Human Design System represents the next generation of self-knowledge, serving as a comprehensive user manual for your life.

Within Human Design, 64 hexagrams correspond to the 64 codons in human DNA, symbolizing the integration of ancient wisdom with modern genetics. The intersection of Human Design with various scientific disciplines provides a multidimensional approach to understanding human nature.

Human Design provides a practical tool for self-discovery and correct decision-making.

How your life unfolds depends on the decisions you make. Each decision is critical, taking you along a particular trajectory, right decision keeps you aligned with your life purpose.

An important aspect of your Human Design chart is understanding your Not-Self Theme. The Not-Self Theme refers to how you experience resistance or frustration when not living in alignment with your true nature. It’s an indication that you’re operating out of conditioning rather than authenticity.

WHAT IS HUMAN DESIGN? Explanation of BodyGraph and the origin of Human Design, the evolutionary journey of humanity and the process of mutation, and the path from the ego to our true self through Human Design.

CENTERS - centers and their meaning. Centers are focal points, that receive and transform the energy, or life force, that circulates throughout our Human Design chart.

ENERGY TYPES - 5 energy types and their meaning. The Human Design Energy Types can significantly influence a person’s personality traits and tendencies, and each type has unique strengths and weaknesses.

DEFINITIONS - ways in which we process information and connect with others.

STRATEGY AND AUTHORITY - ways to make correct decisions, ideal ways of making decisions according to our energy type, and practical ways of implementing it in everyday life, in your work, family, or relationship.

PROFILES - play a significant role in shaping an individual’s life experiences, relationships, and approach to decision-making. Each of the twelve profiles is a unique combination of two lines, which together provide insight into a person’s strengths, challenges, and life purpose.

BONUS; I would love to share with you a precious gem within Human Design—an integral part of Advanced study because I find this information to be important and highly applicable.

Human Design enables us to delve into the mechanics that underlie our relationship dynamics, providing insights into the innate ways we are structured to build connections. In this lecture, I will discuss the following:
• Chemistry, which in Human Design, is a tangible and predictable bodily sensation, revealing the pure mechanics behind the feeling of being attracted to somebody or not.
• Understanding predictable patterns in relationships, enabling people to navigate challenges and optimize compatibility.
• Embracing and celebrating differences in relationships, as Human Design can demonstrate how diverse designs can complement each other rather than clash.
• A practical framework for making life-altering decisions, such as choosing a life partner, based on one’s authentic design and inner authority.
• Recognizing compromise, dominance, energetic synergy, and predictable patterns of interaction.
• Applying practical techniques to improve communication, reduce misunderstandings, and connect on a deeper level with your loved ones.

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to transform your approach to relationships, leading to greater understanding, harmony, and personal growth. During the education, I will use the charts of the course participants and give personal examples to clarify what it means to live your design.

After completing the OHD course
* you will be able to read and understand your own Human Design chart, this will help you to better understand yourself, your talents, challenges, potentials, and life lessons.
* you will understand the strategy of making decisions that are in accordance with your true nature.
* will provide you with a solid initial foundation for further research and application of Human Design in everyday life.
* you will learn how to read and interpret Human Design charts of other people, recognize their energy characteristics, potentials, and challenges, and be able to identify their energy type and decision-making strategy.
* You will learn how to connect with your own inner guidance that transcends the limitations and conditioning of your mind.
* It will help you to better understand the person with whom you are in partnership, which will enable you to create more harmonious relationships and reduce misunderstandings and conflicts. You will learn how you are uniquely designed to connect with others, which will greatly improve your relationships.
* You will realize that you are unique and that only through the fulfillment of your life purpose can you achieve inner peace and satisfaction.

After finishing the course, you'll receive a certificate in Basics of Human Design from Tamara Carevió, a certified LYDG member of the International Human Design School, the official educational organization.
There are different course dates for Europe and United States (EDT).

Language; English

human design tamara carevićCourse dates, Europe; 26.10. - 07.12.2023 every Thursday, from 20:00- 21:30. All classes will be recorded.
Course dates, US (EDT); 25.10 - 06.12.2023 Every Wednesday from 20:00- 21:30. All classes will be recorded.
Price; 375 € paid in full by 17.10. After 17.10 the price is €400. Payment in two installments is possible, the price is €450, the first installment until 17.10 and the second until 14.11.2023. The number of places is limited.

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