"Body Mind and Self healing"

Are we really made to just see problems that have to be solved 24/7? Was this Life's wish when gave us birth? It is true that we came through our parents and that we are shaped by a multitude of experiences that existed long before us.

But are we meant to solve their consequences, now and for ever? Or shall we place all these consequences in the frame of our own authenticity. Because that is where we sense the effect of others' lives – In our own bodymind.

Shall we cut the corners, see the effect straight away and deal with it gently and caring?

We will start with short lecture, where many facets of entanglements, their potential and the way we deal with it, will be explained. It will help us to reach a deeper awareness during the workshop where we will explore Body Mind and Self healing.

We hope to see a great many interested and to have a group of maximum 14 people in the workshop - to explore; to become aware of a different quality of Life.

In the coming months we plan to have one day per month, if wished for we can expand to a full weekend.
About Stan Coenders: CranioSacral Practitioner, over 25 years of experience in many countries and cultures; Systemic constellation facilitation; Developed and teaches PureCranio; develops and teaches Quality Informed Awareness.

We invite you to come and explore with us!
More info: www.purecranio.net

Contact and registration:
Petra Korošec
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T: 091 76 71 888




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